Wednesday, September 27, 2006

WCOOP Event #13 - $320 PLHE 6-Max

Far from a riveting performance in WCOOP event 13. ($320 PL 6 max) I ended up busting just before the first break. The only one think I can take from the tournament is that I at least made a good laydown. I was up to about 2700 from a 2500 starting stack and was dealt QQ in the SB.

It’s 10/20 so I raise to 60, SB raises to 120 for what looks like a re-steal so I re-raise to 200. He calls and we both see a flop of 957. Two diamonds on board but I have an over pair so I bet out half the pot. He then raises to around 500, I’m worried about what he picked up in the BB at this point. Turn brings a 6, I check and he bets the pot. The bet pretty much puts me all in, he’s bet the whole way, maybe he has a bigger pocket pair, or a smaller one that hit the flop, or even two random cards for 2 pair. I fold and he flops 99 commending my laydown.

That put me down to about 1700, caught nothing for a while until a LP 77. I raise pre-flop and get one caller. The flop is a frustrating 98x and he bets a nominal amount, I re-raise and have to fold to his push.

That puts me down to a pretty small stack, one funny AQ vs AQ all in then end up all in with AK vs QQ, no help and I’m out.

Doubt I’ll be playing any of the events that are left so that’s it for me in the WCOOP this year. I didn’t end up playing as much as I wanted and the two events I did play I didn’t event manage to cash. Bring back the Sunday Million!

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