Thursday, September 28, 2006

Double Shootout King

I Honestly think I might have to start calling this the Double Shootout Blog. I think I have probably played about 6 or 7 DS in my short poker career, and I have won the seat in 4. I know that’s a small sample size but it’s harder than it looks to win 2 SNG’s back-to-back.

I have about 500 $10 and £10 SNG’s under my belt from back when I started playing. I had a decent ROI and built the bankroll to start playing Limit FR. Maybe it’s my familiarity with the quality of players at this buy-in level added to my more recent experience in higher limit tournaments that gives me an edge.

The one I won today was an $11 6-Max sat to a $280 tournament. Strangely the player HU on the 1st table was much better than the one on the second. At the start of the second table I was lucky to build up to 4.5k early as I took a brutal all-in beating 4 handed, when my AA was cracked by AK. I ran the stats through the ITH hand calculator and I’m a shade under 93% to win the hand! He had a 3.5k stack as second chip leader and put me down to 1000 chips at 50/100. Climbed back and eventually busted my AK friend to play HU with even stacks.

He was pretty poor Heads-Up. He folded in the SB more times then I care to remember, and was calling and min-raising the rest of the time, no match for my super aggressive donkified HU style.

So I’m in the $280 100 seats Guaranteed to the WCOOP Main event. The buy-in to the ME is $2600 so IF by some miracle I do mange to qualify I’ll have a bit of a bankroll dilemma. I made a decision a while ago to always play in tournaments I qualify for but to date my biggest buy-in has been $530. This is in a different league, I guess I’ll have to worry about it when I win the seat!

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