Monday, March 03, 2008

WSOP Sat Time!

At last Stars have started their WSOP sats. I don't have as much time as I would like over the next couple of months, but I'm going to do my best to qualify playing from the lower buy-in super sats upwards.

I got off to an awful start tonight - I played 10 of the $27 Step 2's and only advanced in one. Luckily I managed to run that up to a $215 ticket for a step 4 which I'll probably play tomorrow. In this set of 10 I lost to runner runner quads and 3 other hands where my opponent had less than 4 outs, all in spots which would have seen me either in great shape, or busting someone to win the seat.

My luck improved a little in a $16 DS to the $650 I played later. I made the FT but busted after an AQ shove OTT of a LP raiser was called by JT and the obvious T on the flop followed by blanks saw me down to 300 chips.

So a slightly frustrating start, but all the sats I played tonight were pretty soft. The $82 step was reallly tight, even late on, possibly as a result of a few players working their way up.

I think I'm going to try mainly to qualify for the weekly $650 on Stars and try not to waste too much time on the Steps tournies. The $27 rebuys were pretty good for building a W$ roll last year, so I'll be playing those again alongside the $16 DS's and maybe some of the direct qualifier $215's if I manage to win a few seats to the $650's

The sats on Party also look pretty soft. I bubbled one of the $65 sats to thier weekly direct qualifier, but the play was crazy bad on the bubble, and those certainly very exploitable even if they don't run too often.

I also might look into the bracelet race tournies on FTP if they do those again, but I'd prefer not to use too much of my BR to get over to Vegas from the UK, which makes the Stars $2.5k in expenses look like great value.

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