Friday, March 07, 2008

Running Worse Than Judas


So yeah, I'm running bad. I can't remember ever running as bad as this. I'm just going through one of those stages where I can't seem to win an 80/20, let alone a flip.

I have now made 4 final tables in $650 satellites since my last post, and managed to come 4th in one that paid 3 seats, 9th on one that paid 6 seats, and I came 8th in two of the double shootouts that paid just the one seat.

Last night at $400 NL I had AA < KK then the very next hand I lost with KK on a K29 rainbow board against AA.

I'm repeatedly shoving hands like AQ or TT into AA/KK and repeatedly getting sucked out on when people shove junk into my monsters.

This has never really happened when I have been running bad before, but I think it's starting to effect my play. It's early Friday night and I was about to settle in for a poker filled weekend. Instead I'm going to take a break until at least Sunday night and go party for the weekend.

Edit: Someone told me not to forget that I MINIMUM CASHED the $55 on Stars last night. Fucking great.

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