Wednesday, March 12, 2008


So I seem to be running pretty much normal in everything now except the bloody $16 turbo Double Shootouts to the $650 WSOP sat. I think I have made FT's in about 8 or 9 of them now to no avail. I have been playing/running well on the first tables but just never seem to be able to get anything going on the second.

Even though I promised myself I wouldn't waste too much time with the steps tournies I have managed to run up a couple of entries to the $215 level from the $27's. There are a few decent players going through them, but on the whole the play is pretty soft, even in the $82's.

I'm going to Egypt for a week in a few days, so hopefully I can turn things around when I get back. Having this trip coming up has calmed me down a bit this week. I have booked a five star all inclusive break for myself and my girlfriend courtesy of some of my poker winnings from last year. Knowing that I could pay for that holiday without putting too much of a dent in my bankroll helps keep me focused on playing well and getting back to the other side of the variance I'm experiencing at the moment.

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