Monday, February 27, 2012

#WBCOOP 2012 - First 5 Events

It's been quite the ride in the #WBCOOP series so far.

I'm currently playing my 5th event - PL 5 Card Draw.

I got off to a frustrating start in my first event, finishing in 11th place in the Badugi, just short of the 8 player final table. Unfortunately that's been my deepest run so far.

It's been great fun to play a mix of different games. So far I have logged just one NLHE event and played one each of PL5CD,  PLO8, Badugi and 7 Card Stud H/L.

I should probably brush up on some of these games, but the payouts have been so flat that I've been lucky enough to cash 3 of the 4 events I have completed so far.

Let's hope I can get something going in one of the remaining events and finally make it to the final table!


PokerStars said...

Its a shame that you hadn't made it to the last table. How has it been going for you up to now?

michael said...

Great blog keep up all the good work, from the guys at said...

I hope you did well in the remaining events and made the final table!