Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pokerstars iPhone/iPad app

At long last, Pokerstars has released an app for iOS devices.

This now means you can play your regular games anywhere you have connection and battery power.

I downloaded the software and I have to say, I'm impressed! It has all of the functionality you would expect, and they have really brought the online poker experience to the iPhone and iPad.

While it works really well on the iPhone, it can be a bit fiddly. That's down to the device though, and not the software, as on the iPad it's an absolute dream to play!

I have now officially won my first real money tournament on my phone (a 6-max hyper turbo, but still....).

So download the software and give it a go!


PokerStars said...

Im assuming playing on the iPad is better. Still waiting on releases for Andriod devices!

Pokerwave said...

I enjoy playing Facebook Zynga poker on my Android phone.

However 3G signal has let me down a couple times, I dont know if I could trust playing on my phone with real money!

Poker Online News said...

This is great app and i've been using it on my iPhone non-stop since its release. Initially it had a few bugs in the software which, to an extent, ruined some of the gaming experience. However; after bringing out updates to fix these bugs, i've been able to play and enjoy it successfully.

Betting News said...

Amazing application that runs smoothly on my iPhone 4S. Poker on the go is the ultimate entertainment.