Monday, January 12, 2009

Good Start To 2009

2009 has been kind to me so far. I won a seat to the GUKPT on Thursday, final tabled the $27.5k at FTP on Friday and finished 15/1450 in the $21k last night.

In the $27.5k I had a top 10 stack from 3 tables down, but never really got much going at the FT. In the $21k I lost a huge pot for the chip lead when tere was 15 left with AA < QJs after getting it all in pre.

So some good performances but an obvious lack of closing. Hopefully I can build on these and continue to work on my tournament game this year. Getting close to some $10k scores definitely increases my motivation.

I have managed to log just over 10k hands at $400 NL 6 max (at an epic 2BB/100) and around another 5k hands trying a bit of $100 NL HU.

2007 was my first full year playing poker and I made some goals at the start of the year which I surpassed and took beyond anything I could have imagined before the end of March. In 2008 I didn't really set any goals (or if I did, I don't remember what they were and certainly wasn't sticking to them) So I have decided that my only goal for 2009 is get get less terrible at poker. I'm going to study as much as I can, because to say I have neglected studying over the past year or so would be putting it mildly.

This means more Cardrunners, Stox and DC in addition to getting hold of a couple of decent books. I also need to get more time in discussing hands with other players, so I'll hopefully be making a conscious effort to do that too.

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