Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Credit Card Roulette

I have managed to convert a few of my friends to the delights of Credit Card Roulette. For those of you unfamiliar with the game, every time you get a bill in a restaurant or a bar everyone puts their card on the tray and you spin it. Whoever is lucky enough for it to land in their card gets to pay the bill.

The people I have introduced to this game love it already, mainly because I have picked up pretty much every bill since we started doing it last week.

We had a meal out for 6, I lost that one, followed by the Friday lunch AND Friday night food/bar bills. Then on Saturday night 4 of us were out for dinner and I lost that one too.

It's possible to run bad in other ways than just losing of course. One I actually managed to avoid was on Sunday night, our tab in the bar for about 45 mins which came to a massive $21. Awesome.

In poker related news I had a pretty bad day of it in the Sunday tournies last night. I think I made one first break out of 7 or 8 tournies I played, and that was the $55 buy in at 10pm on Stars, my lowest buy-in of the night.

I made a pretty big mistake in the Sunday Million when I could have called an obvious value bet rather than shoving over the top for the rest of my stack with 2 pair like the LAGtard I am. Only two hands in his range were ahead, but I should have just called and kept the pot smaller. I had him covered but I busted a few hands later.

I just need to learn when to control my aggression in spots like this, but I do find it really hard to give too much credit to unknowns in donkfests like the Million.

Still, I picked up on the mistake and learned from it, which is at least one positive I can take away. I might read through a few hand histories from other tournies and take a look at what I have done in similar spots. I haven't played much the past couple of weeks, so it's nice to come back and still be enthusiastic about plugging my leaks and improving my game.

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