Thursday, December 06, 2007

November Round Up

It's been another good period for me over the last few weeks. I have been off work for a month in between two different jobs on full pay, so I was able to get lots of poker in.

I didn't intend for it to be an experiment in how much I could make or if I could make a living playing poker, but it certainly gave me a good indication. Cash ring is definitely the bread an butter of the online pro. You can just get so much more done. I did a couple of days of 8+ tabling for long periods and got a serious number of hands in. I'm pleased to say I could almost certainly make a half decent living multi tabling 6 max if I ever needed to, but I doubt I would ever do it by choice.

I think there are so may more rewarding things you could do with your time than spend all day grinding cash games. This might be different at higher stakes, but playing at lower limits gives you the opportunity to get huge volume in and really even out you variance. I didn't even run that well over the month, but still banked an earn rate and overall profit that I am very happy with.

I think if I was going to play full time I would almost definitely have to engage myself in another hobby. I think I would do another degree or get a crappy part time job, otherwise I think I would miss some of the social interaction you can only really get at work.

I had a few decent tournie cashes in November, but of course rather than going really deep in anything when I have the whole of the next day off, I did it last night when I had to be up at 7am for work. I chopped up the $25k on Stars after a 9+ hour marathon. I'm pretty sure it's the biggest field I have made my way though, with over 2600 runners. I was really happy with my play and felt like I made some really good plays late on that paid off. We had been 3 handed for a while with roughly even stacks when one guy got someone else to offer a chop (he was chat banned!). It was worth a fair bit more than 2nd place money based on my chips and I was tired, so I think it was a good decision to chop.

I started a new job on Monday so I probably won't be playing as much over the next few weeks until I get settled in. I think I used up my luckbox for a while anyway.

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