Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Update Time

January and February are busy months for me so I have neglected the blog a little, but things are calming down now so I should be able to post more often. 2007 has been good to me so far, bringing 3 live final tables, finishing 2nd twice and 9th on the third occasion. I was happy with my play in all three tournies and feel really good about my live game at the moment. It still has so much room for improvement, but at least I’m moving in the right direction.

I also made the final 2 tables of a festival event with a much higher buy-in than I would normally play. I still felt like I had an edge on all the tables I played on and busted in 12th after loosing my only coinflip of the tournament.

Online poker has been good to me too, making 2 final tables at Full Tilt in the $3k guaranteed (2/380) and the $9k guaranteed (3/680) and my forays into $100 NL 6-max have been going well, starting to see more typical BB/100 rates with something that’s starting to resemble a decent sample size.

Hopefully I’ll now have more time to play and I’ll be back here making random observations about all things poker related.

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